“We asked Airheads to replace the electric A/C-Heater that was originally installed in our house some 40+ years ago with a new heat pump. Ryan and Cody arrived as scheduled and immediately set to work. They removed the old unit, working in very cramped conditions, and discovering in the process that the original unit was installed by someone either unfamiliar with, or indifferent to, proper installation techniques. They installed the new unit, correcting the mistakes of the past when they could, and kept me informed of any unplanned changes they had make (all were obviously necessary, even to my untrained eye). The two persisted in the difficult task and completed the work in the one-day time frame they had specified. Ryan and Cody removed the old unit and cleaned up the area in the house where they had been working. An excellent job by skilled technicians who take justified pride in their work.”

– Stephen B.