What is a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner?

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There’s a popular air conditioning technology in town, and it’s duct-less. It works in residential, commercial and industrial applications. The ductless system does need to be installed by professional HVAC technicians. This system has been in use around the world, but only recently has become popular in the USA.

Instead of a duct system, there is one outdoor unit, and indoor units in each of the zones that you want to treat. Many of these systems can cool in summer and heat in winter. The system is very scalable. You can install as many indoor units as you need, and each one runs independently. The indoor units can be hung off the ceiling or mounted up high on the wall out of the way. A small hole needs to be drilled to accommodate tubing that runs from the indoor units to the outdoor one. The tubing includes power, refrigerant and condensate. This may provide more security than a window unit.


Its small size and flexibility make it a great choice for single rooms or add ons, especially where ducts may not be an option. Each zone has its own thermostat. This could be a huge cost savings as you’ll only treat the air in the zones that you want air conditioning or heating. Since it is ductless, it is quite efficient. A leaky duct system can cause up to 30 percent of the heat loss in a system. Mini-Splits are great for indoor air quality as ducts are known to collect dust and other contaminants


As an initial investment, they’re not cheap. They cost about $1,500 to $2,000 per ton. That’s about 30 percent higher than central air, and about double the cost of a traditional window unit of similar capacity. Some don’t like that the unit is inside the home, and very visible. Also, there needs to be a way to drain the unit. Since Mini-Splits haven’t really caught on yet here in the USA, you’ll need to find an HVAC company is up to speed on them.

The Long Run

Sure the price tag is steep, most initial investments are like that. With this new technology you’ll definitely see a decrease in your energy bill. You won’t have ducts to clean and maintain. You may notice an increase in your air quality and comfort in your home or office. And, you may come to enjoy the flexibility of controlling the climate per zones. Like any investment, the payoff is in the long run right?

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