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If your HVAC unit is making a strange noise, has a strange smell, is constantly cycling on, or doesn’t seem to be heating or cooling each room equally, we offer expert HVAC inspection services that will pinpoint the issue.

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If your HVAC system is not cycling air evenly throughout your building there may be an issue with the calibration. During an air balance test, we will determine what areas in your home or building are not seeing the performance necessary and will adjust the fan settings to evenly distribute air. Over time, and seasons of heavy use, your HVAC unit will wear down and may develop issues blowing air through your home, but our air balancing services will get you back to optimum efficiency. HVAC Inspection Services will tell us what the problem is.

A system performance test is conducted in cases where your HVAC system is cycling on frequently or seems to not be heating or cooling correctly. During a system performance test, we will check refrigerant levels, wear on the belt, fan and motor, and other factors which can degrade the performance of your HVAC system.

Airheads HVAC will perform an HVAC Inspection Service and get you the answers you need right away.

Older HVAC systems can develop air duct leaks over time that can cause a loss in heating and cooling efficiency. An air duct leak test will determine if there is any air blowing outside of the output vents and if there is any interruption in the flow of air. Ducts can break or crack over time or can be harmed by other improvement projects.

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