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Airheads HVAC provides quality heating services in Central Texas. We want to make sure your home is comfortable in the winter months. We strongly urge homeowners that are using plug-in wall outlet heaters to make the switch to a conventional gas furnace or an electric heat pump.

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The extra safety that comes with an integrated heating unit is well worth the investment. Wall outlet heaters can cause fires, third degree burns, and are inefficient for heating rooms.

We feel much more comfortable setting you up with the proper heating services so your family is warm and safe.

Heat pumps are a multi-faceted solution to heating and cooling smaller to medium sized buildings. A heat pump uses pressurized coolant to cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Heat pumps run solely off of electricity and are ideal for homes in warmer climates like we get here in Texas. Our certified HVAC specialists will service your heat pumps to keep them running properly.

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Gas furnaces are a more efficient solution to heating air than a heat pump but use gasses like natural gas and propane. A gas furnace is better for larger buildings that need to heat air at a higher rate, and also extremely efficient for smaller homes. A furnace will integrate into existing AC ducting and can be set to be on the same thermostat.

Airheads Comfort Systems wants to make sure your heating services are the best and most efficient way to heat your home. Our certified HVAC specialists will take care of you with the best customer service.

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